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As a copywriter, my service to clients in the digital world is all about producing content or, more specifically, copy, for websites, blogs or social media. It’s about trumpeting your unique message. What makes you different, better qualified or more effective? It is the platform that supports everything else.

Effective Web Development Solutions

What are the basics of a website? Your home page copy is usually what the visitor first sees, starting with your headlines and page design elements. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, and get them to explore further. Every word is important, with the power to sustain interest.


You need content that beings people back to your site. If your product, service or talent is something they want or need, the copywriter has the power to lengthen their attention span. More importantly, it will bring them back repeatedly. Now you have a relationship.

How do we create this bond? You may have a story to tell about you, your product or the services you offer. That may include your history on your “About” page, what makes you stand apart from the competition or a sampling of your knowledge or expertise.


I will work with you or your web designer, integrating my words to your graphics, links or other content.


It all starts with you making contact with me on this website to “start a conversation.” We’ll set up a free consultation by phone or email and go from there. 

Effective Web Development Solutions