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Press Releases

The press release has the potential of being an effective marketing tool. It’s a tool you may use to get the word out to your community newspaper or on-line community calendar sites reporting newsy items or coming events.

As a community newspaper editor for several decades editing many a press release, I understand their strengths and pitfalls. Many newspapers, widely circulated newsletters and magazine-format publications are looking for copy of local interest to complement their bylined features and news articles.


Press releases must be professionally done and, in most cases, get the whole message out in approximately 400 words. Other publications may want no more than a paragraph or two. In either case, that means every word counts.

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Press releases may be used to promote your business, organization or project, report a professional or personal accomplishment or let people know about an event they might like to attend. The trick is finding the news or human-interest angle. Otherwise, it is a glorified advertisement.


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