Email Marketing

Direct-Mail Mastery…

What’s the best way to reach everyone in your community with an important message, other than spending weeks or months going door to door?

Not everyone reads the newspaper, surfs the net or listens to the radio. However, just about everyone receives mail. That’s why direct-mail marketing is still a very popular and lucrative way to sell and promote.


There is a special talent to direct marketing and since much of it fits the definition of junk mail, the DM copywriter has to grab the reader’s attention quickly and keep it long enough to make the offer and achieve the end result—a direct response.


Direct marketing is big time and copywriters who specialize in it routinely make six figures while working essentially part-time hours. Small businesses and nonprofits also rely on the mass mailing of fliers and promotions to residents within a certain radius, knowing that even reaching a small percentage of the recipients translates into plenty of customers.


I can provide the words for your direct-mail campaign following the tried and true copywriting formula of convincing the prospect of the advantage of the sender’s product or services, known in the trade as the benefit. This is followed up by the promise, which essentially assures the potential customer of a specific benefit. If all that works, you get the direct response you seek.


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