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Telling Your Story…

You have been writing that book for years. You can’t quite get it the way you want it before self-publishing or just printing up some special copies for family and friends. It may be a local history, passing on stories your grandfather told about coming to American as an immigrant, or sharing your spiritual beliefs.

I will review your manuscript, completed or a work in progress, and advise you on how we make it the best it can be. That part of the process, following a free consultation, may be all the motivation you need. From there, if you give the word, I will proof, edit and, where necessary, rewrite to make your book at long last a reality.


Recently, a woman came to me with a story her long-departed mother wrote and read to her often as a young child. As an artist, she had created various illustrations for this children’ story over the years, but the story itself, now more that 50 years old, needed editing and updating, while carefully adhering to the author’s elegant writing style. It also called for a more modern ending without distorting its message. The client was delighted with the finished product and is currently in the process of self-publishing the book with her illustrations as a tribute to her mother.


Books aren’t always written for commercial gain, though that possibility is always there. I’ll treat your story with respect, and it just might end up on a shelf at Barnes & Noble.


Now all you have to do it make contact and make an appointment for a free consultation.