Month: <span>January 2018</span>

If there is one thing that makes us dumber than a dead carp and, at the same time, incites the worst in us, it is prejudice. Take this sequence of events. A 14-year-old boy from Chicago, visiting relatives in a small southern town one summer, accompanies his cousins to a country store for sodas and […]

Frederick Richard “Rick” Ohler’s name is just one of about 58,000, mostly men and barely old enough to be treated as adults had they avoided military service. They are all dead. Rick, at 24, was one of the older soldiers in the 519th MI Battalion and, like many of us, he was an intelligence analyst […]

Dan Rather, who rose to succeed the venerable news anchorman, Walter Cronkite, might credit his climb to the top on his news coverage of two tragedies. There was, of course, the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Rather, who happened to be in Dallas that day transporting film from his CBS bureau office in New Orleans, […]

We’ve lost too many of our favorite people lately, so I’m thinking it’s time for some cheering up. This space is comprised of words, and what is there anything more amusing than words? With the exception of sight gags like a pie in the face or a pratfall, every joke relies on words to get […]

I’m about to report some real news stories from the recently deceased summer of 2017, and we’re looking ahead for an even newsier fall— or not. With all the hoopla about fake news, much of this is real news that could have been fake. So sit back and relax, take another sip of coffee and […]

I’m not saying I’m old, but I was born in another century. So you’re probably thinking you could be 18 years old and have been born in another century. You might be thinking that if you were any good at math. I’m pretty good at math, but sometimes I have trouble remembering what year it […]

We’ve been lucky, here in Bradford County, PA, that nature has been so much kinder to us than other parts of the country. However, historical annals tell us that people who lived here some 200 years ago were often at the mercy of the weather and the beasts of the fields and forests. Mother Nature […]

When we contemplate the music of Christmas, which surrounds us unceasingly wherever we go throughout December, we think of both the sacred and the festive. It’s a combination of the joyous and the spiritual, even for those who aren’t Christian. There are Christmas songs that are among my favorites, and I always enjoy joining in […]

Night and day seemed to flow together. I suppose flow isn’t quite the right word. It is more accurate to say that they intruded upon each other, even clashed. There were meals to be eaten. They were undoubtedly very tasty, at least in my wife’s opinion, but I had no appetite, forcing as much as […]

Advertising is as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. We are all influenced by it, and agencies make millions on advertising campaign for a single product or brand. A 30-second slot during the Super Bowl telecast averages about $4.5 million so that, in itself, tells you how lucrative a new ad can […]