Month: <span>March 2017</span>

So we’re all revved up about fake news churned out by Ruskies trying to get Trump elected. I’m sure that story will continue to unfold and will undoubtedly fuel a flood of more fake news. I have news for you. There is nothing new about fake news. Stand in the checkout line of most supermarkets […]

If there is one thing that makes us dumber than a dead carp and, at the same time, incites the worst in us, it is prejudice. Take this sequence of events. A 14-year-old boy from Chicago, visiting relatives in a small southern town one summer, accompanies his cousins to a country store for sodas and […]

Euphemism: A mild, indirect or vague term for one that is considered harsh, blunt or offensive. Jargon: The specialized language of a trade, profession or similar group when viewed as difficult to understand by outsiders. There has been a lot of talk about the term “alternative facts” lately, an improvised way of saying, “You have […]

I’m not sure what a conservative is anymore. I grew up among conservatives and I was a conservative myself, even as a long-haired college student. I went off to a war that many people my age were protesting because I felt it was my duty to support my country and the fundamental freedoms I got […]