Month: <span>October 2015</span>

If it sometimes seems that life is spiraling out of control— or, for others, getting remarkably easier to control— due to technology. Nothing tells the story better than the cell phone. It’s as if science fiction is playing out in real time. I have seen this phenomenon a number of times in restaurants. Couples, even […]

Barry Goldwater, five-term senator and Republican Presidential nominee in 1964, isn’t remembered for much — even by members of his own party. He lost, and the youngest of the people who voted in that election are in their seventies now. When candidates from that party want to quote a President other than Lincoln, it’s usually […]

You think about words and how they came to mean what they do. You use them all the time and every once in a while you pause to question why it means what it does or sounds the way it does. And, every once in a while, a word you’ve written hundreds, even thousands, of […]