Month: <span>March 2015</span>

I’ve been enthralled of late by the classic radio channel on Serius XM Radio. I grew up with television and remember my parents and grandparents reminiscing about Fibber McGee and Molly, the Shadow and the Whistler. It’s been something of a history lesson for me, listening in on these old radio shows from the thirties […]

Yes, we are the United States of America, and we enjoy, above all, the freedom to believe in the quick fix. Among our greatest hopes is that we can reverse aging. We do live longer and get to retire earlier, perpetuating tiresome claims that sixty is the new forty, say, or eighty the new sixty. […]

I’m not so sure I like being a Baby Boomer, but I can’t do much about it. Considering that the age group preceding us is known collectively as the Greatest Generation, it seems to me that by comparison the Baby Boomer moniker is quite trivial. It’s a bit demeaning, isn’t it, that we are named […]

Remember instant gratification? You seldom hear that term any more because that’s what life is all about nowadays. It’s not an anomaly or an undesirable trait that only applies to impatient people. We are constantly being instantly gratified, whether we are craving food, information or entertainment. How about an attention span? It’s another concept bordering […]

I installed a new toilet this past weekend. Not a complicated job, but it consumed most of the day and, after a leaky inaugural flush, most of the next morning. Some things never change, and it reminded me of one of the first newspaper columns I wrote more than three decades ag. It was about […]