Month: <span>November 2010</span>

Plenty of people were celebrating the day after the election, but it wasn’t because of who won or lost. It meant the first full day of not having to read, watch or listen to those horrible campaign ads which grew in intensity and hostility as the election approached.Targeted in many of the ads were people […]

I couldn’t make it as a television news reporter, though I’m sure there is plenty of demand for fat bald guys in front of the camera. Let’s face it. There are few, if any. There was Al Roker for a while—jolly, fat and bald—but he ended up stapling his stomach so he could escape chubdom […]

(Skill Note: This column from my newspaper, the Rocket-Courier in Wyalusing, was actually written the week before the one that follows— revisiting my recent high school class reunion.)

The most memorable classmate attending my recent high school class reunion was a guy nobody remembered. He wasn’t even there, but everyone was talking about him by the time the evening was over. You know how there is somebody from high school you vaguely remember, that quiet girl or guy who wasn’t involved in much […]

The rock ‘n’ roll era, now known simply as the rock era, started around the time I was born and peaked, in terms of the best songs ever performed, the year I graduated from high school in 1965. Don’t take my word for it. That is confirmed in the Bible of rock ‘n’ roll, Rolling […]